“In the moment” regulation.

Last month, over with our friends at Mindlove, I wrote about our new Self-Care Box ® that we have just released. This product is about you, and the people you care about, looking after your physical and mental health as a long-term practice. This month I want to share with you another product we have developed for you… CBE’s Emotional Regulation Box ®!

This is for when you are ‘in the moment’. When the stress, frustration, overwhelm or anxiety takes over and you need support to regulate and cope. These have been designed to provide you with sensory, grounding and breathing techniques you can use for anyone of any age, anywhere and, mostly, with no tools required.

Like the Self-Care Box ®, I’ve been making these out of items I find in my office and post-its for years now for the children, young people, adults and families I work with in the clinic. To be completely honest, these ad hoc versions are pretty dismal and if you happen across one of these relics of my early career…please do us all a favour and dispose of it immediately!

But seriously, I have been working on developing these for a few years now and every part of the Emotional Regulation Box ® is backed by science. The colours are picked because of the impact they have on our mental health, the cards themselves are a part of the sensory experience and the techniques are designed and curated from years of research.

I wanted to do this so that anyone can access support for their mental health anywhere, anytime. Because mental health is health and when it comes to trauma; no one is immune.

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