Showing Love Through Thoughtful Gifts

This month, we have a guest blog writer. Months ago, I met Jen from Mind Love and she opened my eyes to different ways workplaces, families and loved ones can show care and support when someone needs some support with their mental health. No one is immune. We all experience stress, anxiety, depression, grief, or trauma throughout our lives. If we can show people we care about their mental health, we can help end the stigma and help people heal.

Mental Health Care Package- Show Your Love with A Thoughtful Gift – Jennifer Allan

How are you supposed to support someone when they’re going through a mental health crisis? If you don’t have any special training in mental health support, it can be hard to know how to help someone who’s struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or other conditions. It can also be difficult to know what will make them feel supported and encouraged.

Here at Mind Love, we saw this need and want to provide packages for the people you care about when they need support with their mental health.

Mental health care packages are a wonderful way to show that you’re thinking of someone. But they’re not just for friends and family – they make great gifts for work colleagues, teachers, employers or even healthcare professionals.

There are many unique gifts out there that can comfort and support someone with mental health issues, from something as simple as tea, flowers or hand-made crafts. The idea is that sending something tangible shows that person that you are thinking of them and care about what’s happening for them. It helps to remove the social stigma around mental health and reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation for the person suffering. Also, just taking time to pick out a thoughtful gift can show love and support in its own way.

Benefits of sending a mental health care package:

  1. It is an affordable way to show support, love and empathy for someone in your life who may be going through a hard time.

  2. It shows that you’re caring and compassionate about their struggle.

  3. It is a nice, tangible reminder that someone cares about them.

Mind Love is a small Australian business that is all about prioritising self-care and mental health.

They understand how debilitating living with stress and anxiety can be and have thoughtfully sourced a range of self-care products in various categories from books and journals to relaxation, aromatherapy, sensory toys, activities, comfort and weighted blankets so that you are able to tailor a care package to their needs or buy the products individually. The care packages come in a beautifully one of a kind designed box with a note card that also acts as an affirmation that can be framed.

Showing support to those in your personal or professional circle is just one way you can end the stigma around mental health and positively add to the narrative about helping people to heal.

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