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In a survey by EmploymentHero, only 50% of respondents said they felt that their workplace was supportive of mental health. This is quite a confronting statistic in itself, but is even more so when we consider this second fact… 63% of employees were more likely to stay with an employer if they provided mental health services.

When I read these two statistics, it makes it pretty clear to me that employees value mental health support within their workplace.

Too often, our workforces can suffer from a change such as new leadership, relocation, redundancies, or a merger of two companies. Even more ongoing things like conflict within a team or insidious bullying can impact your mental health within a work environment. More often than not, employees are left to deal with these problems and changes largely by themselves.

So, as a manager or leader, how can we change this?

As leaders, what we really need to do is understand how each event or circumstance is affecting our workforce. While we might not realise it, events in the workplace can actually cause organisational trauma. This means that everyone in the group is being impacted by what is going on, causing a cycle of stress and dissatisfaction among the employees. As a manager or leader, it is our job to offer support and put programs in place to create open and honest conversations regarding the trauma employees are experiencing, to develop relevant professional development, and to offer resources and wellbeing tools.

Here at CBE, we are helping you do this by running our Team Trauma Workshop on the 17th of June. Our Team Trauma workshop is designed to address how we manage incidents of trauma within the workplace. We understand the importance of well-being, and we want to help you and your organisation prioritise well-being too.

If you are looking for a more one-on-one approach to training, stay tuned…. next month we have a BIG announcement, just for you!

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